Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club
Club email: Info@HighAndLonesomeClub.ca                  Phone: 204.957.0982                  Every Sunday at 9:30pm is the famous "Sunday Night Jam" hosted by Big Dave McLean.                  Come on down!
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Doors open one hour before posted showtime.
Tickets available at Ticketmaster for Folk Fest Presents shows.

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Early Shows

Sat, Apr 29 @ 7pm
Scott Cook
Mon, May 1 @ 7:30pm
Leanne Pearson
Fri, May 5 @ 7pm
Dirty Catfish Brass Band Southern Social Club
Fri, May 26 @ 7pm
Mariachi Ghost
Fri, June 2 @ 7pm
Dirty Catfish Brass Band Southern Social Club
Sat, June 7 @ 7pm
Guy Davis
Sun, June 25 @ 7-9pm
Steve Strongman Trio
Sat, July 29 @ 7pm
Mariachi Ghost


A new series of Thursday night shows bringing together musicians and fans. We are creating new duos and making these free events in hopes of energizing ideas and audiences. Your interest and attendance is very much appreciated!

Odd Couples Thursdays

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Also check listings at www.manitobamusic.ca/calendar.

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If you want to receive show info directly, please send me your email address. I am starting a new list.

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